A-Plus Consulting Global Ltd.

Who We Are:

A-Plus Consulting Global Limited is an indigenous duly registered company that provides both Engineering and Consultancy Services in support of oil, gas and allied sectors of the Nigerian Economy.

We offer our clients flexible and customized services and solutions so they can focus on their core business thereby reducing operational cost and improving efficiency.

We provide professional consulting services in different areas; such as engineering fabrication, occupational safety management, human resource management, procurement and logistics, project and facility management.

Aplus Consult

Our Services

Engineering Fabrication

We handle engineering fabrication and installation of structural steel, plant, equipment, pipeline construction, flowline laying, designing and construction management.

Project/Facility Management

We take care of your business project and facility management to save you time, cost and scarce resources; so you can focus on your core business objectives.

Safety/Regulatory Management

As a consulting agency, we provide strategic guidelines and procedures that help you pass the regulatory hurdles and ensure safety and healthy working environment.

Human Capital Development

We handle staff recruitment, selecting, supplying and managing of high qualified and experienced, skilled and non skilled manpower for your company or enterprise.

Professional Cleaning Services

We clean up your work environment and tools such as oil and gas factories, tank farms, storage and distribution pipes and drums; and manage all industrial wastes.

Oil & Gas Energy Management

We track your company’s oil and gas energy consumption rate and percentage of energy loss due to operational processes; and advice on resource conservation.

Employee Payroll Management

We provide transactional software kits and audit support for payroll and benefits administrations, open enrollment as well as employees’ communication.

Procurement & Logistics Services

We source for the best work tools and office equipment for your business or company use. We procure, supply and deliver the required products to our customers at no extra cost.

Publishing, Printing & Packaging

We design, print and publish different kinds of business documents and advertising materials such as business cards, branded envelops, posters, banners and more.

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